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Are you a real estate investor in Worcester? We meet once a month for some quick education and networking in/around Worcester, Massachusetts.

So, come join us and talk about investing in multifamily and other rental real estate! There is always plenty of networking along with a short discussion about various topics of interest to real estate investors. why we believe multifamily real estate is the best way to achieve financial independence. More specifically:

We believe that rental property is the best investment. More specifically, we believe that multifamily real estate is the best way to achieve financial independence.

  • Rental property is the only way to create long-term passive income (house flipping is a job, not a source of residual income)
  • People need a place to live, regardless of the economic cycle
  • Rental property is an old method of investing with mature capital markets (so loans are almost always cheap and readily available)
  • Multifamily lets you achieve economies of scale and average out vacancies
  • These are just a few reasons why…

Bring plenty of business cards and be ready to learn and network!

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 Networking in Worcester for Real Estate Investors

At one of our last meetups, one member said to me (and I paraphrase) – “I’ve been to so many meetups in the area and I learned more in one hour at your Worcester meetup than I have at all of the others combined.” This was a huge compliment but it shows the value of networking with a group of like-minded people when there is no product pushing.

That’s why we focus on networking and learning with NO SELLING ALLOWED.

So, if you’re interested in long-term cash flow but not sure how to achieve it, or just looking to expand your knowledge in real estate you need to attend.

If you’re a/an investor, contractor, trades-person, accountant, attorney, or anyone else related to the real estate industry, please stop by and network with us! Don’t forget to check out our calendar on Meetup.com and please RSVP so we know how many seats to reserve!

Why We Think Worcester County is Good for Real Estate Investing

Worcester County is a solid real estate investing market because it has a few key requirements.

First, it has plenty multifamily property to invest in. For reasons already stated, we believe multifamily is the best investment. So, an area with a lot of multifamilies would obviously be superior

Also, Worcester is a secondary market to Boston. Often, primary markets are better for appreciation and secondary markets are better for cash flow. Since our investment strategy is to provide cash flow to provide for financial independence, a secondary market like Worcester is perfect.

The third benefit to investing in real estate in Worcester is that prices are comparatively low. The sticker price of real estate can be a real shock to new investors. Even if the returns are great, the sheer capital required to invest can turn people away. In Worcester, property costs are lower so it’s easier to get started investing.

Networking is Important

Often, people have a “lone wolf” mentality when investing in real estate. They want to have the entire deal to themselves rather than “share” the profits.

The reality is it’s better to own a small piece of a large pie than a large piece of a small pie. It’s better to own 10% of 10 deals than it is to own 100% of 1 deal. It’s hard to write why, but a lot of it comes down to leverage and risk.

The first part of it is that a small sum of money will probably get you more than 10% of 10 deals. It will probably get to 10% of 11 deals as a basic example. So by partnering you naturally earn more.

Also, there is a natural diversification when partnering. With 1 deal, you have 100% of the risk. So you may have really high returns, but there is also the risk of very high losses. When partnering over many deals, the risks are spread across many deals and mitigated.

That’s why networking is so important! It’s impossible to partner on deals unless you know other investors!

So come network with us, meet other investors, and find more potential deals and potential partners!

Check our Meetup Schedule and RSVP

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