Start Investing in Debt Investments

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Start Investing in Something Now (even if it’s not real estate).

Investing:”The act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit.” – Investopedia

Job:”The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It’s really easy to start saving – reach into your wallet, take out $20, put it into the bank.

Starting to invest is similarly easy. You just need to start.

But what should you invest in?

Start Investing in Something, Anything, it Doesn’t Matter

There are alternative investments other than the stock market and real estate There are alternative investments other than the stock market and real estate

Investing is committing money to something in order to earn additional income. A job is work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

So, every dollar of investment income you make is one less dollar you need to work for.

Or look at it another way – every dollar of investment income you make is one more dollar you can invest.

So you may not be in a position to buy property, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing. There are a lot of ways to start investing.

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Lending Investments

I’m a huge fan of alternative forms of investments and Lending Investments are a core part of that.

When I say lending investments, you may think about government bonds, or CDs. While these are definitely lending investments, I don’t personally like either of them.

Instead, I’m talking about P2P lending, hard-money lending, or other types of private lending. You can check out my review of Fundrise for an example of an alternative investment related to real estate.

There are millions of people who need financing for all kinds of different things, yet don’t have access to traditional methods of financing for any number of reasons.

Other people may be consolidating credit cards where borrowing at 8-10% will actually save them money.

Some people want to fix-and-flip houses but don’t have enough cash to get it done. They may be willing to pay you 8%, 10%, 12%, or even more for your money just to get the project done.

Ownership Investments

An ownership investment is something that you actually own that will pay you.

There are several different things you can own, but I’ll focus on the two most important areas: business ownership and real estate.


You can be the owner of a business in two ways: buying an ownership interest, or starting your own company or franchise.

Starting your own company is a great way to build up a lot of wealth and residual income. It is important to remember that when you start your own company, you will also be working for that company and will have a dual role of owner and as manager. Though you are the owner, you still have the job of running the business.

It becomes a true investment when you hire a manager or sell to a larger company and you retire from day-to-day activities while maintaining an ownership stake.

The other way is to have an ownership interest in the company. The majority of people do this through investing in stocks, but you could also help fund a company during startup or an expansion in return for a percent of the company.


Real estate is my preferred investment category and it has provided me a lot of wealth and great residual income.

The thing about real estate is when you first start out, it can be like a job. Over time though, you can remove yourself from the day-to-day management of property, and focus more on just acquiring more investments.

I like real estate because it’s easy. You see what you get. You know what it’s worth. and it is very stable with prices increasing or decreasing steadily over time.

There are also a lot of barriers to entry and fear surrounding real estate investing. Any time it’s difficult for people to enter, and the average person is fearful, then it creates great opportunities for those who overcome that.

Get Over your Fears and Start Investing Today

The most important reason why you need to start investing is to overcome your fears. So many people are afraid of it, or think it’s impossible to get started.

Once you get started you’ll realize it’s easy.

When you see your first interest payments, you’ll realize it’s safe.

…And you’ll be walking down the road toward financial independence.