​​​​4 Best Single Family Real Estate Investing Books (2018 Must Reads)

Single-family real estate is one of the best ways for new investors to get started. It’s easy, easily financeable, and almost anyone can start with little knowledge or experience.

1. The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How to Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property

by Steve Berges

This practical, real-world guide gives investors all the tools they need to make wise decisions when weighing the value and potential of investment properties. Written for old pros as well as novice investors, this friendly, straightforward guide walks readers step by step through every stage of property analysis. Whether you’re buying or selling, investing in big commercial properties or single-family rentals, you’ll find expert guidance and handy resources on every aspect of real estate finance, including:

  • Proven, effective valuation techniques
  • Finance tips for all different kinds of property
  • How various financing strategies affect investments
  • Structuring financial instruments, including leverage, debt, equity, and partnerships
  • Measurements and ratios for investment performance, including capitalization rates and gross rent multiplier ratios
  • Future and present value analysis
  • How the appraisal process works
  • Primary appraisal methods-replacement cost, sales comparison, and income capitalization-and how to know which one to use
  • How to understand financial statements, including income, balance, and cash flow
  • Case studies for single-family rentals, multifamily conversions, apartment complexes, and commercial office space
  • A detailed glossary of important real estate terminology

2. How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties: A Step-by-Step Guide to UNLOCKING Passive Income by Investing in Real Estate

By Dustin Heiner

he problem that affects almost everyone today is being stuck in a career they hate. People are conditioned to work their lives away for someone else and only get paid for the hour they work.

How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties is written by Dustin Heiner, an active real estate investor who has created enough passive income to quit his job. He is the author of the popular passive income idea website www.MasterPassiveIncome.com.

This book contains step-by-step training to help you acquire rental properties to allow you to quit your job and be financially free so you will never have to work again. Designed for the newbie or seasoned pro, anyone will learn how they can earn passive income from rental properties and quit their job.

3. Building Wealth One House at a Time

by John Schuab

The collapse in real estate prices from 2007 through 2012 was the most significant event in the real estate industry since the Great Depression. But today, with the real estate market rebounding, a new generation of investors is entering the field, eager to make their fortune.

Building Wealth One House at a Time provides you with a practical way to create wealth through an ethical approach of buying, financing, and managing property. Renowned real estate expert John W. Schaub takes you through his 9-step program and explains how to accumulate one million dollars’ worth of houses debt free in any market while earning a steady cash flow.

This invaluable guide presents fresh strategies for buying and financing property, reflected in six new chapters on topics such as real estate cycles, financing real estate purchases, negotiation techniques, and retirement investing.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Finance real estate purchases without going to a bank
  • Recognize and capitalize on real estate cycles
  • Improve your negotiation skills in any situation
  • Avoid common and costly mistakes
  • Create cash flow that lasts forever, and much more

Building Wealth One House at a Time reveals how virtually anyone can accumulate houses debt free and earn an income for life.

4. Find It, Fix It, Flip It!: Make Millions in Real Estate–One House at a Time

by Michael Corbett

In this book, he shares his strategies, tips, and never-before-revealed insider techniques that have helped him make a fortune in real estate no matter what the market is doing!

Especially in Today’s Market, it is essential to learn how to be smart, safe and conservative when flipping.  This book is for aspiring flippers, first-time home buyers, or any homeowner who wants to create big profits and own their ultimate dream home—mortgage free! Starting with the essentials, Corbett shares how to crunch the numbers to instantly determine a house’s profit potential. He teaches you how to streer clear of the “no money down gurus”  by teaching you the safe and practical strategies you need to know in this market. He then covers every step from purchase to sale:

  • Learn to take advantage of Today’s Market opportunities
  • Get the profit-making house at the price you can afford
  • Make the improvements that make you millions
  • Insider secrets that save you thousands
  • Safeguard your profits from the market’s ups and downs
  • Sell your home tax-free and pocket the profits

Filled with practical tips, illustrated with before-and-after case studies and easy to use charts and worksheets, Find It, Fix It, Flip It! offers the insider expertise needed to tap into an exciting—and potentially limitless source of income and financial independence. Lean Real Estate the Right Way!

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