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48 Free Landlord Forms – The Largest Collection of Landlord Forms on the Internet

This page contains the internet’s largest collection of completely free landlord forms. Well, at least it’s the

editable free landlord forms

Every landlord form is in word format and completely editable.

biggest collection that I can find. Every form is in Word format so you can completely edit it to suit your needs.

When I started as a landlord it was always hard to find a free landlord documents or free templates for landlords, so I decided to spend the time and put together my complete list of landlord forms for you, the read, to enjoy. Below you can see a list of every document I’ve compiled.

Putting this together took me years of my own work plus many hours of my time to compile it together and put it on this site. So, though it’s free, I do ask for your email address in return. Of course, you can opt-out anytime and I never spam or sell the address.

So go ahead and put your email address in and get access to my 48 free landlord forms that all new landlords should have. If you already have signed up for the email list, simply put your email in again. You will still receive an email with a link, but you won’t get signed up twice!

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Who Needs these Free Forms For Landlords and Investors

Honestly, anyone can benefit from sample landlord forms. Even if you are a well established landlord with dozens of properties, you may find one or two items in any agreement that you want to adopt or add to your own agreements. In general though, people who are looking for free forms are newer investors or landlords and don’t own many properties. There are many different kinds of people who are searching for landlord forms but I find that the majority of the people fall into one of a few categories.

Forms for Investors

As a real estate investor, you may own a rental or two. Many investors focus on fix-and-flips but may find a great deal or two and keep some rentals for passive cash-flow. Since land-lording isn’t their bread and butter, they may need some leases or eviction notices from time to time

First Time Landlords Need Sample Forms

As a new landlord, you may be experiencing everything for the first time. Dealing with your first tenant or eviction can be a very interesting experience for sure!  By finding landlord templates online, they can get a good idea of the type of things they need to include in their own agreements

Experienced Landlords and Investors Looking For New Ideas

Like I said before, everyone can benefit from free templates. I swear that every time I get a new tenant, I think of something new to put into the lease. The reality is, every time I do a transaction I gain experience and every time I talk to another landlord, I gain experience too. That experience let’s me think of different problems that may arise throughout the term and then I can think of ways to mitigate risks in my contracts.

So, even the most experienced landlords can find a good idea or two by browsing through other landlord forms on the internet.

Disclaimer – These Free Landlord Forms are for REFERENCE ONLY. These forms for landlords are not legal documents and should be used for reference and educational purposes only.

Entire List of 48 Important Landlord Forms that Every Investor Needs

  1. 3 Day Notice To Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

    • The 3 day notice to quit is used in many parts of the country. When a tenant fails to pay their rent on time or within the grace-period, the landlord can have a notice delivered to tell them to pay or leave.
  2. 7 Day Notice to Quit (Tenant at Will Lodger)

    • This form is a notice to quit for a lodger. A lodger is a person who rents at daily or weekly rates and has only been at the home for a short period of time.
  3. 7 Day Notice to Quit for Cause (Tenant at Will Lodger)

    • This notice to quit for cause is slightly different than the other notice to quit for a lodger. This is a notice to ask them to leave for a violation of the rules. The lodger may be able to remedy the violations and stay.
  4. 14 Day Notice To Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

    • In many parts of the country with more tenant friendly laws, the state requires a longer notice period before the landlord can evict. This 14 day notice to quit is a form for the landlord to begin the eviction process, similar to the 3 day notice.
  5. 30 Notice to Quit (Tenant at Will)

    • When a tenant is renting at will, either party can end the agreement with 30 days notice. This form tells the tenant that you are choosing to end the tenancy. It can be for any reason or no reason at all.
  6. 30 Notice to Quit (Tenant With Lease)

    • When a tenant is in a lease but is violating some portion of that lease, thus breaking the lease, you can ask them to leave. Often, they are still current on rent but may be violating some other portion, such as the pet policy. In many jurisdictions, the court will require a longer period before the tenant has to vacate.
  7. 30 Notice to Quit With Offer to Establish a New Tenancy

    • When the lease is over and you wish to renew, you should still provide the tenant with a notice to quit, but give them an option to renew the lease with any adjusted terms.
  8. 60 Notice to Quit (Tenant at Will)

    • Just like the 30 day notice to quit, but allowing for more time for the tenant to move.
  9. 60 Notice to Quit (Tenant With Lease)

    • Just like the 30 day notice to quit, but allowing for more time for the tenant to move.
  10. 60 Notice to Quit With Offer to Establish a New Tenancy

    • Many landlords require 60 days notice before a tenant moves, so they should also provide 60 days notice before asking the tenant to vacate. This form provides that notice to the tenant.
  11. Addendum for Option to Purchase after Lease

    • Should the tenant want to purchase your property, you can give them an exclusive option to purchase at a predetermined price. You can set the option fee as well.
  12. Agreement to Manage and Lease Real Estate

    • An example contract between the landlord and agent that will manage and lease the property.
  13. Bedbugs Addendum

    • As the name implies, this addendum informs the tenants of what they should do in order to prevent bedbugs and what they should do in case they find bedbugs
  14. Blank Addendum

    • Use this form to write in any conditions or agreements you may make with the tenant.
  15. Commercial Lease

    • This is not really designed for large commercial buildings, but should provide a good reference for small commercial property owners.
  16. Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents

    • You always need to cover your tracks. The last thing you want is a tenant claiming electronic delivery doesn’t count as delivery. Plus, who wants to waste money on stamps and envelopes anyhow?
  17. Demand for Increase of Security Deposit and Last Months Rent

    • When the landlord and tenant agree to a rent increase, the tenant is required to increase the amount they have paid toward the last month’s rent and toward security deposit.
  18. Fair Housing Chart

    • This is a breakdown of the Federal fair housing rules and penalties. Don’t forget, most states have additional protected classes that go above this list.
  19. Itemized Statement of Damages

    • A breakdown of the damages to the unit and the charges to the tenant for causing those damages
  20. Landlord Verification

    • Get a signature from the tenant allowing you to collect this information from previous landlords.
  21. Lead Based Paint Disclosure English

    • Mandatory lead-paint disclosure paperwork for any unit built before 1978
  22. Lead Based Paint Disclosure Spanish

    • Mandatory lead-paint disclosure paperwork for any unit built before 1978, in Spanish
  23. Lead Based Paint Pamphlet

    • Mandatory lead-paint paperwork for any unit built before 1978
  24. Lease Agreement

    • Sample lease agreement
  25. Lease Agreement (self extending)

    • Sample lease agreement that turns to a tenant at will after the initial term ends.
  26. Mold Addendum

    • Information on how the tenant should maintain the property in order to prevent mold.
  27. Instructions to Release Funds from Escrow

    • Should you need consent from both parties to release funds from escrow.
  28. Notice of Rental Increase

    • Provide this form when you wish to increase rents.
  29. Pet Agreement

    • Lay the rules out for the animals, collect fees, require insurance, and charge a deposit or pet-rent.
  30. Property Inspection Form

    • Inspection check-list for move-in and move-out
  31. Receipt for Bank Deposit of Security Deposit and/or Last Month’s Rent

    • In many jurisdictions you need to provide evidence to the tenant that their last month’s rent and security deposit have been placed into an escrow account.
  32. Receipt For Rent

    • A receipt for rent payment
  33. Receipt For Rent Accepted For Use and Occupancy Only

    • In some jurisdictions, collecting rent creates the assumption of a tenancy. By specifying that it is for use and occupancy only, you are stating you are collecting rent only for the time they have been there, not establishing a tenancy.
  34. Receipt for Security Deposit And/Or Last Month’s Rent

    • Provide this receipt when you physically collect the deposit or last month’s rent. This is to create a paper trail of the tenant’s money.
  35. Receipt for Security Deposit And/Or Last Month’s Rent Transfer

    • Should you sell the building, the landlord should provide this form to the tenant.
  36. Rental Agreement

    • A tenant at will is never under a lease, but the specific terms can be laid out on paper.
  37. Rental Application

    • Form to collect all mandatory information for every potential tenant.
  38. Roommate Agreement

    • When your tenants want roommates, make them create a roommate agreement that will protect both you and the primary tenant.
  39. Sample Angry Letter to Tenant for Property Damages

    • When all attempts to collect have failed, being assertive can turn the tables.
  40. Sample Polite Letter to Tenant for Property Damages

    • Send a polite letter to collect for property damages.
  41. Security Deposit Checklist

    • An example list of what you need to do when collecting a security deposit. Every state has their own rules, so you should update this list with your state’s specifics
  42. Vacation – Recreational Lease

    • For those of you who are renting out recreational space or vacation homes.
  43. Statement of Condition

    • A written statement of the condition of the property, often accompanied by the inspection check-list to be more thorough.
  44. Statement of Security Deposit at End of Tenancy

    • Total deductions against the security deposit provided to the tenant at the end of the tenancy.
  45. Sub-Contractor Agreement

    • If you hire contractors, you want to ensure you hire them properly and make sure they are never considered as an “employee” by the IRS. Make sure you use a good contract.
  46. Tenant Move-Out Checklist

    • Informational card on why they moved, interest on deposits, charges, and any money due or owed.
  47. Tenant Pre-Screen and Contact Log

    • Don’t waste your time showing the unit to every single prospect. Screen them over the phone to see if they meet all of your basic requirements.
  48. Water and Sewer Addendum

    • If you are charging the tenant for sub-metered water and sewer off of a main meter, you may wish to specify the process.

Disclaimer – These Free Landlord Forms are templates and are for REFERENCE ONLY. Every state has it’s own nuances and requirements so you should always consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction. I am not an attorney and I am not providing legal documents. I am simply providing you with forms and documents that I have for my own personal use, many of which I have actually used. As such, there should NEVER be used in their entirety and should only be used as a reference to give you ideas for what you may or may not want to include in your own forms.