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The 1% and 2% Rules to Real Estate Rent Demystified

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It could very well take weeks or months to analyze every deal - by the time you get through the list most of the listings have been sold.

That's why there are screening tools like the 2% rule.

Real Estate Syndication – Make Money In Million Dollar Deals

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At some point, you've wondered how people could possibly afford giant apartment buildings, office buildings, or even shopping plazas.

The answer: with real estate syndication.

How to Invest in Real Estate With Your 401k or IRA

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You've come to realize that you need real estate in your portfolio, but you just don't have enough money to get started investing in real estate. Or do you? It turns out that you can actually invest in real estate with both your 401k or IRA (HSAs and Coverdells as well). So, if you are sitting [...]

Automate Your Business – 18 Ridiculously Awesome Ways to Go on Autopilot

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You can't grow if you keep working "in your business." These tips will help you work "on your business" so you can focus on growing.

Patch of Land Review – Become the Bank

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Just like a bank uses your deposits to give mortgages, you can cut out the middle-man and use your money to invest in lucrative mortgage backed real estate deals.

Patch of Land is an innovative company that focuses on finding, vetting, and funding loans that are secured by the 1st lien position on a potential property, then they allow you to buy a portion of each loan.