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Fundrise Review – I Invested $1,000 in Fundrise and Here’s What Happened

I set up my account and invested an initial $1,000 into Fundrise back in 2016. I did it just to try it out and invest a few bucks, but I loved it so much I decided to review it.   Important NoteIt's

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Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest?

Should you pay off your mortgage or use the money to invest? There are a lot of respected people on both sides of the argument, so who’s right?

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Gross Rent Multiplier – The Ultimate Guide

The Gross Rent Multiplier is a simplistic method of analyzing rental property values using only it’s gross rental income. There are a lot of flaws associated with this method, which I’ll get

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flipping vs renting

Flipping Houses vs Rental Property – Investing in Real Estate

You can make money in any area of real estate. But, it's hard to be good at everything.So, in order to be successful, you should focus on one thing and become exceptionally good at it.So that

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