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The 1% and 2% Rules to Real Estate Rent Demystified

It could very well take weeks or months to analyze every deal – by the time you get through the list most of the listings have been sold. That’s why there are screening tools like the 2% r...

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29 Creative Ways to Increase the NOI and Explode the Value of Your Rental Property

NOI – the unicorn we’re all chasing. As you may know, increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI) of any commercial property will not only increase your cash flow but also increase the value

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How to Get Started With MultiFamily

Almost every week someone is asking me HOW do you get started in real estate. The problem is that you will get 100 different answers from 100 different people.  That’s because everybody has their

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The 50% Rule to Estimating Real Estate Expenses

In order to analyze the property, you will need to make assumptions about your expenses. That’s where the 50% rule comes in.

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These 4 Hidden Risks Will Kill Your Real Estate Deal

Real estate investing is not without risk. I think people would be more willing to tackle these risks if they knew what they were and how to mitigate those risks.

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How To Be The Best Landlord and Keep Happy Tenants

It is essential to be an amazing landlord if you want to be successful landlord. It costs a lot to attract and keep good tenants and the cost of removing bad tenants can be exceptionally high. Learn how

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Flipping Houses vs Rental Property – The Best Way to Invest in Real Estate

People can make money in any aspect of real estate, just not all of them. In order to be successful, you need to focus on one thing and become exceptionally good at it. So, the question really is, should

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Working Hard Does Not Mean You Will Be Successful

The world is filled with billions of hardworking people….nearly everyone at the top is hard working, but most people at the bottom are hard working too. So, hard work is a requirement to be well

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My First Flip was a Flop

Drowning in debt, I did back to back closings selling my first flip and buying a rental property. Read how my first deal was a flop. Luckily I learned from this and my second deal was better than ever...

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