Renting Vs Buying a House – Which is Better?

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"Renting doesn't build equity"

"Buying a house means at least something goes to equity"

We've heard all the reasons to buy a house, but are they right? I decided to investigate this question.

Your Net-Worth is Meaningless

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I was recently trying to decide on a goal of how much I want to be worth. Did I want to be worth a million? Ten million?... more?

I kept thinking about it and I couldn't ever really make a decision. I guess the problem is that I keep asking "why stop there?"

Main Stream Financial Publications Get it All Wrong

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lmost every day I see an article that incorrectly argues that the stocks outperform real estate, but a huge margin.

The reality is, articles like this one are plain wrong. It is not just a little wrong, it is dangerously wrong. I would even go to the point of saying anyone who writes this stuff really is clueless or has never studied even the most basic aspects of real estate investing.

The Rich Mentality vs the Middle Class Way of Thinking

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Recently I was having a conversation with someone. They were explaining the school program they were in, the job they wanted to get, and their career goals.

I looked at him and said: "So your goal is to work?"...

Tips to Clear Your Debt and Get Your Finances in Order

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So you've gotten yourself into and debt and now it's affecting your lifestyle. As debt grows, just paying the interest becomes a bigger portion of your paychecks until you are just working to pay back your debts. As you know, your debt to income ratio is the most important aspect to qualifying for a loan for your first investment property. With your debts out of whack, you will never qualify. Here are some tips to getting your debts paid off and getting you into investing as quickly as possible.