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Seminars, Speeches, and Axe Throwing

Last month I was invited to speak at a small seminar up in Oklahoma City. It's a short drive from Dallas, so I figured why not.

It was put on by my friend Jennifer Beadles over at The seminar was to promote her really cool business called Agents Invest which connects investors to investor savvy real estate agents in various markets.

She is based in Seattle and has been talking about OKC for a while now, so she put together an event to show her investors from various states about the opportunities that exist in OKC. Pretty awesome, right?

I don't really know why, but she invited me to be a speaker at her event. Exposure is always good, so I agreed.

Putting Together My Speech

I am very comfortable in front of crowds, but I don't make a lot of speeches. So, I was having a hard time figuring out what to talk about. So I reached out to Jennifer and asked her what she wanted me to talk about.

She wrote back to me and said I should talk about my 'story' and also I should talk about 'syndications'.

Face, palm.

I have a really crazy story and that alone could fill a couple hours. There are also entire multi-day seminars dedicated to syndicating. How could I possibly fit both topics into one hour?

You really can't, that's the answer.

The Event

For me, events aren't really about education but are more about networking and brand building. I definitely got to do both there!

Jennifer also put together a really interesting networking event. I won't lie, At first it sounded like a horrible idea, but then it turned out to be really fun!

Watch here...

I didn't catch any video of it, but by the end we were crushing it with the axe, throwing two at a time, underhand, etc. It was a ton a fun and a great way to get rid of that stuffiness you might expect at a real estate event!

Finishing Up My Speech

This is not out of order. I actually got to the event on Friday night and Jennifer came and asked for my presentation. 

Sorry, but it's not ready. It hasn't really come to me yet.

If I was her, I'd not be happy. I could tell she gave me one of those half nervous half angry smiles like "you better get it done!" I wasn't worried though.

Sunday morning rolled around and I was set to speak in just a few hours. She texted me in the morning wondering if I was done yet.

Fortunately for her, I had just finished up and got it sent over...

...and it was a smash hit!

The end of event questionnaire had a lot of responses, but a ton of people said something like...the event was great and Eric was the best!

Ok, enough patting myself on the back.

Alright, maybe a little bit more.

She text me a week later and told me that one person had actually written that Eric Bowlin had changed their life. While I don't know who it was, I was really excited to hear that people found me that riveting!

Now What?

A week or two later, Jennifer called me up to chat.

Well, maybe it was a chat and maybe it was a sales pitch.

She said that she believed I needed to be in front of people and sharing my story because it was helping people and changing lives.

This is kind of a mental barrier for me because it's almost hard for me to believe that what I say has that big of an impact on people.

Then, she asked me to come be part of her upcoming event in the state of Washington...and she made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

But, I'll get into that in a later post.

For now though, if you'd like to learn about investing in the Spokane Washington region, come hang out with me in October! Event page is right here.

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