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How to Turn Your Home into a Money Making Property

Mortgage payments and utility bills are the costs that come with owning a home. Most homeowners hope to offset these costs during the sale of their houses. However, you do not need

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The problem with property management software is there seems to be two extremes.On one side is a product that has just about every feature you could dream of and is designed for professional property management

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best property management software

Best Property Management Software in 2019

I didn’t use any property management software for about 5 years after I started investing… …and it was a huge mistake. When I finally realized I needed software to help manage my portfolio,

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Buildium Review – is it Worth the Money?

Disclaimer: This is a product that I personally use and have used since 2016. I love this product so much that I've decided to review it. If you click on one of the links and sign-up for Buildium, I may

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real estate photography best drones gimbals and cameras

Best Drones, Cameras, and Gimbals For Real Estate

There was a recent controversy where a real estate agent used photos with mostly naked models in a house to try to sell it.While this is only a scandal in the stuffy old real estate field, it highlights

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Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels Review – Worth the Hype?

If you've been looking to have an online business, I'm sure you've seen the hype around ClickFunnels.I was very skeptical and hesitant at first, and even spent about 2 years thinking and watching it before

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4 Reasons Why Every Investor Needs a Life Insurance Policy

Insurance is a key driver of economic development world over. Taking life insurance for any person, especially at a younger age is a great idea. Losses do not select and cut through the entire economy. The

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7 Traits To Adopt To Become A Good Landlord

Have you been thinking about becoming a landlord? Do you want to know how to be a good landlord? Maybe you like the idea of becoming a landlord but you aren’t sure if you have what it takes to be a really

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Eco-Friendly Moving (that saves money!)

You may not live in the greenest city in America, but you have done your part to help the environment. Maybe you've installed smart thermostats, LED lighting, and explained to your tenants how they

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Fundrise Review – I Invested $1,000 in Fundrise and Here’s What Happened

I set up my account and invested an initial $1,000 into Fundrise back in 2016. I did it just to try it out and invest a few bucks, but I loved it so much I decided to review it.   Important NoteIt's

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