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start investing now

Getting Started as a Newbie Investor

You've been thinking about real estate investing for a while now.You might have bought a bunch of books, done a ton of research online, and maybe even gone to some Meetups or weekend seminars.But, you

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Investor Carrot Review

Investor Carrot Review

If you're anything like me, you've toyed with the idea of generating leads online with something like Investor Carrot, but you've procrastinated for months or even years. You ask yourself - Am I wasting

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The 1% Rule is Garbage

There’s a lot of “rules of thumb” floating around out there related to real estate. The one I hate the most is the 1% rule. It’s wrong. It doesn’t work. Period. Let

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Being a Millionaire Doesn’t Mean What You Think

You’re dreaming about luxury vacations and nice cars. OH, you can’t wait to be a millionaire. But I’m here to tell you to think again. While having more money is never a bad thing,

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Financial advisor is a scam

Financial Advisors are a Scam

I was recently looking to set up a Solo 401k to park some cash and avoid some taxes. So, I did what a lot of you might have done – I asked my friends on Facebook for recommendations. One seemed

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vacation rentals

Are Vacation Rentals Profitable?

In the past, vacation rental owners had to perform the necessary maintenance tasks and market the properties to find guests or pay someone in the locality to do so on their behalf. Bookings were low

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saying no

Saying No is Often Better Than Yes

"If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?" Most well-known personalities, singers, movies, etc all talk about

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asset classes property types

Property Types and Classes in Commercial Real Estate

Before you start investing in commercial real estate, regardless if it’s via online crowdfunding or through a syndication, you want to know what sort of investment you are getting into. In general,

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is real estate crowdfunding a good investment

Is Real Estate Crowdfunding a Good Investment?

Thanks for reading the 2nd article in the Real Estate Crowdfunding guide. In case you missed it, the first part is about how real estate crowdfunding works. Now that you know how it works in general,

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legal home ownership

Legal Considerations to Make When Buying and Owning a Home

A lot goes into the home buying process and home ownership. You have to not only find the right home but also find it at a price that works for you and your family. In addition to that, you also need

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