Required Education

Infinite Investing Formula

5 Modules 2 Chapters 38 Sections Intermediate

About This...

Everything you need to know to starting buying property NOW and scale up FAST. This course is geared toward:

  • People who are just getting started and want to confidently start analyzing, making offers, and closing on deals
  • Investors who own a few properties already and want to know how to scale up fast.

What's Included

R.E.I Foundations
5 Lessons

Week 1 - Mapping Your Path

You can't fly a plane without a navigation system. Similarly, you need to know where you're going and how you're going to get there.

Day 1 - Introduction

Getting Started

Day 2 – Mortgages

Understanding residential and commercial mortgages, how much you can qualify for, and two creative ways to qualify for a bigger mortgage.

Day 3 – Market Research

Everything from general overview, state and local research, and deep dives into supply and demand as well as vacancy rates.

Day 4 - Setting Criteria

Some real estate basics that should be part of your planning process.

Day 5 - Your Team

Assembling a team to help you Find, Close, and Managed deals.

R.E.I Foundations

Day 3 – Operating Budgets

Knowing what it actually costs to own and operate your rental properties.

Day 4 – Rehab Budgets

Knowing what it could cost for basic rehabs, without having a contractor tied to your hip.

Day 6 – Deal Analysis Calculators

Putting it all together and doing some simple and advanced deal analysis.