June 2, 2019

Investor Carrot Review

If you're anything like me, you've toyed with the idea of generating leads online with something like Investor Carrot, but you've procrastinated for months or even years. 

You ask yourself - Am I wasting my time? Is it worth the money? Does it actually work?

Well, that's what I asked myself at least. Maybe you're different.

Ultimately I decided to start my own site. I loved it so much I've dedicated a ton of content on this website about lead generation. 

But, what about Investor Carrot? Let's dive into the review now and learn more.

I'm going to cover a ton of stuff in this review, so here is a quick summary. You can click through to any part you want:

  • Do Websites Actually Work?
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    What is Investor Carrot?
  • Hosting
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    Content Creation
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    Generating Leads
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    Realtor Websites
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Here is a quick introduction video to Investor Carrot.

Do Investor Websites Actually Work?

There are really 3 questions you're asking yourself. I already listed them up top, but here they are again:

  • Can I actually generate leads online?
  • Is it really worth the price?
  • Will I be wasting my time?

Let's quickly address each of these questions before getting further into the Investor Carrot Review.

Do Websites Generate Leads?

Yes...and no.

It depends on your website and how you promote it.

It's like putting up a billboard. If you put up an ugly sign on a small road in the middle of nowhere, I promise nobody will call you.

If it's a sharp looking billboard on a busy road in an area where people really want your product, of course a ton of people will be interested in it.

It's no different with websites. If you have an ugly site, don't promote it, and write terrible content, it won't convert any leads for you.

On the other hand, if you have a great looking site, you promote it well, and write great content, you definitely will have people contacting you.

Investor Carrot (also called OnCarrot or On Carrot) provides great looking websites to help eliminate that part of the problem. It's still up to you to promote it.

Is It a Waste of Time?

How much is one sale worth to you? Will you make $5,000? $10,000? More?

If you spent even 100 hours building and promoting your site, would it be worth $5,000? 

That $50/hour is probably worth it to most people.

But, you won't be spending 100 hours on your investor carrot site. You'll spend maybe 20-30 hours on it over the next 3-6 months. So, no worries about that.

Is It Worth The Price?

Price is based on value. If something is producing leads for you and you can convert those leads into sales, then as long as you're pulling a profit it's worth it.

If you're not getting leads, or you aren't capable of converting those leads, then maybe it's not worth it.

Fortunately, Investor Carrot comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you'll get a chance to play with it and decide if it's worth it.

The last question is what held me back forever. I didn't want to spend a few months toying around with some website, just to find out it doesn't work.

So, let me put these questions to rest.

  1. Internet marketing DOES work, if done right.
  2. Decent hosting costs $30-$40 per month. So, one site for $40 or 3/$90 is very reasonably priced (I never recommend the junk hosts for a few bucks a month).
  3. If you dedicate enough time to it, it's not a waste because you'll get results. If you give it a few hours and never look at it again, you'll be wasting your TIME and your MONEY.

A fourth thing that might be holding you back is the concern that it is too difficult to set up a website. That's why I put together this guide on setting up hosting (both for OnCarrot and without them(

Should You Set Up A Website?

Building a good website that generates leads is something that takes a minimum of 3-6 months. Sure, you can rank #1 on Google in 14 days (and 45 minutes) like I did (but I know what I'm doing).

Most likely you'll need to dedicate at least 2-3 hours per week for about 3 months before you start seeing any results.

So the real question: Will you see it through?

If you will stay the course, Keep Reading this OnCarrot Review.

If not, then turn back now.

Disclaimer: This is a product that I personally have used and first tried it around 2015/2016. I love this product so much that I've decided to make an Investor Carrot review. If you click on one of the links in this review of Investor Carrot, I may be compensated a small referral fee at absolutely no cost to you.

Investor Carrot Review

Full Review of Investor Carrot

Alright, now it's time to dig in to the meat and potatoes of this InvestorCarrot Review

What is Investor Carrot?

Investor Carrot is an online service that offers website hosting geared to real estate investors and wholesalers. They try to make it as simple as possible, offering you the layout (theme), along with free content upgrade PDFs, articles, landing pages, etc.

They've also recently started offering websites for real estate agents which have local listings and lead capturing as well.

InvestorCarrot - At a Glance

Starting Price

$49 per month

Website Options

Multifamily, Wholesaling, Storage, Short Sales, Note Buying, Mobile Homes, House Flipping, Real Estate Agents

Unique Features

Content Upgrade PDF, Free Articles, Decent Theme, Conversion Tracking.

Contract Required?


Sign Up Bonus

30 Day Risk Free Trial


At its core, OnCarrot.com (aka Investor Carrot) is a managed WordPress hosting where they set up your website with the core features, and you control the information on those pages.

This is both good and bad.

It's good because it's super easy for the user. You don't have to worry about upgrading the software, making sure the various plugins and core software are updated or making sure the various plugins don't conflict with each other.

You can just focus on your content and promotion.

The negatives are just the flip side of the coin. You cannot change your theme, plugins, etc.

You are stuck with the service that is provided, and if you don't like it then you need to go somewhere else and set up there.

Investor Carrot is perfect for people who just want something that works. If you are going to focus on creating your content and growing your audience, get Investor Carrot.

If you want unique features for some specific niche function, then Investor Carrot is not for you.

OnCarrot Features

How good would this Investor Carrot Review be if we didn't cover it's features?

All of the features are tailored around one thing - making it as easy as possible for you generate leads.

They have a quality theme that is highly optimized to generate leads. Additionally, they are constantly testing and optimizing their theme and the product they provide you.

This is HUGE. You need a lot of traffic to do good A/B testing. Chances are, your site will never generate the level of traffic needed to do good A/B testing, but Carrot can compile data across thousands of websites and see what works.

Investor Carrot Reviews

Leads Management

Investor Carrot offers campaign tracking and plenty of statistics so you know what pages are doing well.

Imagine you build a couple of landing page. Now, imagine you set up an ad or generated organic traffic to both pages.

Wouldn't you want to know how each one is performing and converting?

Investor carrot leads

Well, that's what campaign tracking with Investor Carrot does for you.

Also, they have a lead management system that lets you move your leads through your pipeline.

In the example above, it is my new onCarrot experiment where I'm taking a brand new site and going to try to rank it to #1 on Google for a number of search results. You can see my experiment about real estate wholesaling websites here.

This is great because most lead management systems cost extra money. This is built right into Investor Carrot

Content Marketing

Their content marketing articles are a good start.

I recommend learning how to create content like a pro with this article. Start with what they give you, then really build on it

That being said, you can upgrade to their top tier service and get better articles.

Still, everyone who pays has access to exactly the same articles, so I'd focus on taking their topics and crafting your own content around those subjects.

Keyword Tracking

This is actually a pretty cool feature. Simply input the keywords you are tracking, like "sell your house fast now in Dallas" and it will give you weekly rank updates.

I track a ton of keywords for IdealREI.com, and this is amazingly important to do for your niche lead generation website.

Great Training

Investor Carrot has a ton of great training to help you grow your investor website. Here is a small list of what they can help teach you

...and the list keeps going on.

That's one thing Investor Carrot is awesome about - the ongoing training for their members.

Getting Set Up On Investor Carrot

Getting set up is super easy. You need to do 3 things after you sign up.

Picking a Domain

You'll want to pick a good domain name for your new Carrot site. A lot of people choose things like:


OK, not really. But, that's what people feel like it says when they see the name. No homeowner wants to sell to that guy.

Instead, pick something more neutral that commands respect. Something that makes it sound professional and local.

Review of Investor Carrot

Pointing The Domain Toward Investor Carrot

I'm not going to get super deep into this here. If you want a walk through you can check out my guide right here.

It's really easy though and only takes about 3 minutes.

Create Great Content!

Bet you didn't expect me to say that.

Setting up your Investor Carrot account is literally that easy.

Other Investor Carrot Reviews

When you create a new site, it already comes pre-populated with a generous amount of existing content, which not only makes the job easier for you (because you don't have to make up a bunch of information yourself, you can simply edit what's already there), but it also adds a lot of “SEO juice” to your online space, making it easier for search engines to index your site and start sending organic traffic your way.

The only real down side I noticed with Investor Carrot is that it wasn't quite as “idiot-proof” to set up a site as I thought it would be (though it's still MUCH easier than working with a standalone WordPress website).

As I use a product over time it’s a great sign when that product continues to evolve and get better…and not charge you extra. Investor Carrot has been awesome in that regard. 

If you go the free route with a basic WordPress website, you will still need to pay for hosting, and that could be as cheap as $10 a month. But you are in charge of security, backups, etc. Chances are you will buy a plugin or something and bring up the cost a bit. However, it will still be MUCH cheaper than Carrot. If you NEED a cheap website then don’t use Carrot.

But if you are taking your business serious and have a budget to spend on a website, then go with the experts at Carrot because they focus on results more than if a website looks good.

Agent Carrot Review

OnCarrot now offers a product very closely related to Investor Carrot and that is Agent Carrot.

Agent Carrot is a little different, but close enough that we're including it in this Investor Carrot Review. Basically, you'll get a nicely optimized site with all the features of Investor Carrot, but tailored to generating listings for your real estate agent business

What's really cool about it is that you can add MLS listings right into your Agent Carrot site for a small extra fee. So, you can have a classic looking real estate agent site, but also have the customization and lead generation of a Carrot site.

Oh, and all of their Agent Carrot subscriptions come with weekly coaching calls! That's a pretty cool feature.

Summary of Investor Carrot Review

Investor Carrot Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Landing Pages
  • Pricing
  • SEO Articles
  • Realtor Websites

Summary of Investor Carrot

Investor Carrot is lead generation website hosting service primarily for real estate investors and wholesalers. Their entire model is designed around removing the technical aspects of your real estate website and making it so you can focus on following up with leads. They do this quite well and at a reasonable price. The free SEO articles are a bit low quality and could use some improvements (they offer “premium articles” on their highest tier and they are a bit better). It would be better to take those articles as a starting point, then really expand upon them. Other than their articles, the product is great and highly recommended. Check out Investor Carrot.

About the author 

Eric Bowlin

Eric is an investor that achieved financial independence at the age of 30. He started in 2009 with the purchase of his first triplex and now owns over 470 rental units. He spends his time with his family, growing his businesses, diversifying his income, and teaching others how to achieve financial independence through real estate. Eric has been seen on Forbes, Trulia, WiseBread, TheStreet, Yahoo Finance and other financial publications. You can contact Eric by emailing him at [email protected] or with this contact form

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