How to Effectively Manage 30+ Out of State Rentals

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Below is a guest post by Anton Ivanov. He is a real estate investor and entrepreneur with a 35 unit rental portfolio spread out across 4 states. He is the founder of DealCheck - the leading real estate analysis software used by 28,000+ investors and agents to quickly analyze and compare investment properties. A few days ago [...]

Real Estate Syndication – Make Money In Million Dollar Deals

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At some point, you've wondered how people could possibly afford giant apartment buildings, office buildings, or even shopping plazas.

The answer: with real estate syndication.

3 Deadly Land Investing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

By | 2017-11-24T04:38:23+00:00 November 25th, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

Land investing is a great way to earn some extra passive income and to the untrained eye, vacant land may seem like a simple type of real estate. Some vacant lots really are as clear as they seem. But, the problem with land is that the dangers and pitfalls aren’t always obvious on the surface. [...]

Best Gifts to Buy a Real Estate Investor in 2017 – The No Joke List

By | 2017-11-23T06:55:59+00:00 November 23rd, 2017|Categories: Real Estate, Reviews|

Well, it's that time of the year, where we spend 5 or 6 weeks shopping like crazy to make sure we get something for everyone on the list. We wouldn't want to get to that Christmas party and as soon as you walk in the door and get that sinking feeling that you forgot to [...]

HVAC – Don’t Buy A Lemon, Look for These Issues

By | 2017-11-17T06:54:24+00:00 October 30th, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

This is a guest post by Bob Wells, a retired HVAC tech who now dedicates himself to sharing knowledge on his website Bob worked over 30 years in the field, 23 of which he ran his own contracting business. He’s dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments in the field and helping others to [...]

Debt Service Coverage Ratio: What is it and Why it’s Important

By | 2017-11-19T08:27:37+00:00 August 12th, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

One of the first things any commercial lender or broker talks about is the debt service coverage ratio. Sometimes real estate pros don't realize that they are throwing around numbers and terms that newer investors may not know. It's also true that many investors may understand the term but not understand the intricacies of how to manipulate [...]

29 Creative Ways to Increase the NOI and Explode the Value of Your Rental Property

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NOI - the unicorn we're all chasing. As you may know, increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI) of any commercial property will not only increase your cash flow but also increase the value of your property since the value is determined primarily through NOI and Capitalization Rates (quick refresher on how to calculate the value of a commercial property). [...]

How to raise cash like a champ for your next real estate deal

By | 2017-11-12T18:52:07+00:00 March 4th, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

The #1 excuse new investors make is "There just aren't any deals." But, right behind that is, "I don't have enough money." It's true, you might not have enough money to do the deal by yourself...but very few people ever do. Those who do have enough probably don't want to put all their money in one deal [...]

5 Easy Ways to Systematize Your Real Estate Business So You Can Retire Young

By | 2017-11-12T18:53:36+00:00 March 1st, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

Today's guest post written by a great real estate investor and friend of mine, Chad Carson. Chad, now 37 years old, began real estate investing from scratch right out of college at the age of 23. Since then Chad and his business partner have bought, sold, leased, and financed hundreds of properties in and around Clemson, [...]

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