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8 Tips To Stage A Home For A Quick Sale

You've decided to sell a property. It could be your home, a rental, or a house flip.So, you contact your real estate agent, snap a few pics, write a catchy description, and done.Some people come look,

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How to use Bonus Space in an Investment Property

A lot of investment properties have something we call Bonus Space.It's space that isn't quite a bedroom, maybe not really living space, but doesn't have any one specific use.So, how do you use this space

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Real Estate is not for everyone

Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

Save up some cash, buy some real estate, cash flow for life, right?… Anyone can do it! Quit your job and just do real estate, right? Probably not. Things aren’t always so simple in any business,

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managin rentals

How to Effectively Manage 30+ Out of State Rentals

Below is a guest post by Anton Ivanov. He is a real estate investor and entrepreneur with a 35 unit rental portfolio spread out across 4 states. He is the founder of DealCheck – the leading real

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taking security deposits

Why I Stopped Taking Security Deposits

I’ve recently made the decision to stop taking security deposits. I know, I know, I’m crazy, right? Clearly, I am a little bit, but I have some solid business reasons behind it. Why Landlords

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buy a home

Why I’m Buying a Home (Though I Know It’s a Bad Investment)

If this is your first time reading this site, you should know that I usually say buying a home is a bad investment. So, it comes as a huge surprise to many people that I just recently put a home under

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cash out refinance investment property

Cash Out Refinance Your Investment Property – Yes or no?

A lot of people buy an investment property, rent it out and then… that’s it. They pay the mortgage every month and eventually pay it off. Sounds great, right?! Wrong… The interesting

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