Karma’s a B*tch – How I Made a Fortune by Doing The Right Thing

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That's what someone who was very close to me said when I was making a decision about a tenant... "Karma's a bitch." They also said, "You're a slumlord" and "You're taking advantage of him." These are some really strong words, and, as you can imagine, it really made me second guess my decisions. I almost waffled [...]

1-Year Update on My 5-Family Deal

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Wow, has it already been a year? It's crazy to think about that, and the fact I haven't done a single update about this deal yet! It might be a long post, so bear with me. I have a year of problems to detail! If you didn't get a chance to see the original post, [...]

How “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Changed My Life

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"Rich Dad Poor Dad" was a foundational book for many investors, myself included. Though I started investing in real estate before ever reading this book, I must say that the mindset it helped me attain is invaluable in getting to where I am today. Top 5 Takeaways From Rich Dad Poor Dad It's impossible to [...]

My New 5 Family Property!

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I've officially closed on the newest addition to my portfolio - a 5 unit mixed-use property. It consists of 2 buildings. The front building is a 4 unit building with 3 residential and 1 commercial space on the street front. The rear building is a single-family residence. Currently, the rents are: 1 BR - $450 2 [...]

What to Do When Your Spouse Won’t Let You Invest in Real Estate

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It's a common issue between spouses - one wants to invest more aggressively and the other is more conservative. How do you bridge this gap and convince your husband or wife to invest in real estate?