29 Creative Ways to Increase the NOI and Explode the Value of Your Rental Property

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NOI - the unicorn we're all chasing. As you may know, increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI) of any commercial property will not only increase your cash flow but also increase the value of your property since the value is determined primarily through NOI and Capitalization Rates (quick refresher on how to calculate the value of a commercial property). [...]

5 Easy Ways to Systematize Your Real Estate Business So You Can Retire Young

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Today's guest post written by a great real estate investor and friend of mine, Chad Carson. Chad, now 37 years old, began real estate investing from scratch right out of college at the age of 23. Since then Chad and his business partner have bought, sold, leased, and financed hundreds of properties in and around Clemson, [...]

How to Get Started With MultiFamily

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Almost every week someone is asking me HOW do you get started in real estate. The problem is that you will get 100 different answers from 100 different people.  That's because everybody has their own niche in real estate and a unique way which they started in the business. When I try to answer the question, [...]

Gross Rent Multiplier – The Ultimate Guide

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The Gross Rent Multiplier is a simplistic method of analyzing rental property values using only it's gross rental income. There are a lot of flaws associated with this method, which I'll get into later, but it is also useful for many applications.