Why I Stopped Taking Security Deposits

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I've recently made the decision to stop taking security deposits. I know, I know, I'm crazy, right? Clearly, I am a little bit, but I have some solid business reasons behind it. Why Landlords Take Security Deposits We all know that tenants can do some pretty terrible things to a property. Destroying appliances, smashing walls and [...]

How To Be The Best Landlord and Keep Happy Tenants

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It is essential to be an amazing landlord if you want to be successful landlord. It costs a lot to attract and keep good tenants and the cost of removing bad tenants can be exceptionally high.

Learn how to be a great landlord and keep your tenants happy.


How to Manage the Landlord – Tenant Relationship

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I often hear that people don't want to buy rental property because they don't want to deal with tenants, leaky toilets, and late night calls. Nobody enjoys dealing with that! The thing is, it's frustrating to deal with that, but it's even more frustrating when those problems are caused by your tenants on your property. Everything they do wrong costs you money, that's why it's so frustrating...

4 Reasons Why Every Tenant Should Have Renter’s Insurance

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The roof leaks and damages some expensive furniture; The tenant slips and falls in the hallway; Someone gets bit by a dog. All these scenarios can and do happen. Renters insurance is very under utilized but it is also one of the most affordable things that can protect the tenant and the rental property...

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