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Risk Adjusted Returns In Real Estate – Is It Really Worth It?

Have you ever heard someone say “I won’t take less than a 12% return” or something like it? Of course, you have, because it’s pretty standard practice in real estate to do that. If

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Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

Save up some cash, buy some real estate, cash flow for life, right?… Anyone can do it! Quit your job and just do real estate, right? Probably not. Things aren’t always so simple in any business,

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You’re Probably Calculating Vacancy Wrong

You’ve rented an apartment out for an entire year and now the tenant is moving out. They leave, and it sits empty for two weeks before another tenant moves in. So, you have roughly 4% vacancy, right?

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The 1% and 2% Rules to Real Estate Rent Demystified

It could very well take weeks or months to analyze every deal – by the time you get through the list most of the listings have been sold. That’s why there are screening tools like the 2% r...

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Cash on Cash Return (simplified)

If you’ve spent more than 4.7 seconds reading about real estate investing, you’ve heard the term “cash on cash return” tossed around like chicken nugget. It’s really important

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What is a Good Cap Rate?

Recently, I’ve been hearing people toss out some strange phrases like: “I don’t buy anything unless it’s 12 cap or higher.” or “5 cap is too low, there is no value.” But,

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Cash Out Refinance Your Investment Property – Yes or no?

A lot of people buy an investment property, rent it out and then… that’s it. They pay the mortgage every month and eventually pay it off. Sounds great, right?! Wrong… The interesting

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Real Estate vs Stocks, Which is Better? – The Answer Will Surprise You

Is real estate a good investment? Some people say it’s the best while others disagree. I clarify the answer.

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Stop Worrying About Interest Rates

For the last year, everyone has been watching the Fed and holding their breath while waiting to find out if interest rates would rise. For a while, it seemed every good piece of economic data would send

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Real Estate vs. Stocks – Using Net Worth to Compare

Investing in real estate can be a nightmare when things go wrong. For example, I was about to start looking for my next rental property when I got a call from a tenant. She told me that the door on the

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