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house hacking

House Hacking Guide: Everything You Need to Know

House hacking is when an owner lives in a property and slowly improves it over time. They might rent units in the property so the tenants cover the mortgage when they make improvements, increasing the

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You Don’t Own Your Land

A popular diner in Denver called Tom’s Diner has been serving breakfast for around 20 years. Recently developers offered to pay Tom around $5 million for his location. As Tom is now 60 and thinking

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start investing now

Getting Started as a Newbie Investor

You've been thinking about real estate investing for a while now. You might have bought a bunch of books, done a ton of research online, and maybe even gone to some Meetups or weekend seminars. But,

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Being a Millionaire Doesn’t Mean What You Think

You’re dreaming about luxury vacations and nice cars. OH, you can’t wait to be a millionaire. But I’m here to tell you to think again. While having more money is never a bad thing,

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Financial advisor is a scam

Financial Advisors are a Scam

I was recently looking to set up a Solo 401k to park some cash and avoid some taxes. So, I did what a lot of you might have done – I asked my friends on Facebook for recommendations. One seemed

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saying no

Saying No is Often Better Than Yes

"If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?" Most well-known personalities, singers, movies, etc all talk about

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avoid sequence risk

Avoiding Sequence Risk

You've saved up enough money to be able to withdraw 4% every year and that number is more than your minimum income requirement. So, you're all set, right? You did it right and you made it! Not really...

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work life balance

The Myth of Work Life Balance

You wake up, ugh, another day of work. Is it Friday yet? You get the kids to school or daycare after a hectic morning and finally punch in at work. Finally, you get to work but have to walk past that

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4 Reasons Why Every Investor Needs a Life Insurance Policy

Insurance is a key driver of economic development world over. Taking life insurance for any person, especially at a younger age is a great idea. Losses do not select and cut through the entire economy. The

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The Keys to Avoiding Financial Stress

If financial difficulties are keeping you awake at night, take action and tackle your problems head on otherwise they are likely to get worse. The ability to pay for rent, mortgages, bills, and food

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