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avoid sequence risk

Avoiding Sequence Risk

You've saved up enough money to be able to withdraw 4% every year and that number is more than your minimum income requirement.So, you're all set, right? You did it right and you made it!Not really...

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work life balance

The Myth of Work Life Balance

You wake up, ugh, another day of work. Is it Friday yet? You get the kids to school or daycare after a hectic morning and finally punch in at work. Finally, you get to work but have to walk past that

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4 Reasons Why Every Investor Needs a Life Insurance Policy

Insurance is a key driver of economic development world over. Taking life insurance for any person, especially at a younger age is a great idea. Losses do not select and cut through the entire economy. The

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The Keys to Avoiding Financial Stress

If financial difficulties are keeping you awake at night, take action and tackle your problems head on otherwise they are likely to get worse. The ability to pay for rent, mortgages, bills, and food

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Financial Facts Every 20-Something Needs to Know

I didn't know much about money when I was in my 20's. I knew how to work, I knew how to buy stuff, and I was smart enough not to run up my credit cards. Other than that, I didn't really know much. The

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3 Ways to Invest if You’re Over 50

When you are planning to invest over 50, you have to realize that your goals shift as near retirement. Instead of high-risk investments with a high potential for appreciation, you’re instead focused

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Financial Mistakes to Avoid (But Everyone Does Them)

At one point or another during life, everyone has made some questionable financial decisions. However, the real problems start to mount up when you don’t learn from these mistakes and you continue making

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Improving Your Personal Finances

Even if you’re not looking for a property this exact second, you always want to be improving your position. So, focus on the downtime to improve your finances, get your debt squared away, and put

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Earn 10000 per month

How to Make $10,000 a Month

The goal to make $10,000 a month in passive income is just a long-shot dream, right? Probably. I don't even know why you're reading this article... Wrong! If you're looking for 5 more generic steps

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Financial Mistakes Most People Make as Investors

At one point or another during life, everyone has made some questionable financial decisions. I still remember that amazing $50,000 truck with leather seats, dvd players in the…. ok I digress. The

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