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break even ratio

The Break Even Ratio and When to Use It

There are a lot of ratios to look at when investing in real estate, and it can get confusing. One of the lesser used but still important ratios is the break-even ratio.The Break Even Ratio answers the

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Wholesaling Lease Options

I recently discovered a new model for investing called Wholesaling Lease Options. It’s like wholesaling, but doing it with lease options. It’s a little wonky but might work under certain circumstances,

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tax delinquent property list

How to Find Tax Delinquent Properties

In many markets right now, it can be really difficult to find quality deals through the standard real estate agent / MLS channel.In fact, it's so difficult that many investors have moved away from the

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Are You Trapped In a Mental Box?

I was with several people and one young man was telling the other older men what his plans were. He was finishing up college, getting a good degree, and had a good path set for his life.One man asked,

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Adding Value to Your Investment Property Using Smart Home Technology

I've always loved technology. Computer science was actually my first major in college, before I jumped ship and found my way over to the Economics department.But, my love of technology never went away.While

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​4 Essential Tips For Managing Your Short Term Rental Property

I've been talking a lot about vacation rentals lately.No, I haven't gone out and bought one...yet. But, I want to!And interesting factoid... Nearly 45 percent of all real estate purchases

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Financial Mistakes Most People Make as Investors

At one point or another during life, everyone has made some questionable financial decisions. I still remember that amazing $50,000 truck with leather seats, dvd players in the…. ok I digress. The

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Roundup 13

This is where we talk about the best personal finance and real estate articles across the web.Do you have any suggestions for next week's roundup? Comment below.6 Genius Ways For Investors To Make The

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Building A New Wholesaling Website

Though I did mention it before kind of subtly, I've been working on a new project.  This time, my new real estate wholesaling website.I thought it would be easy, after all, it's not my first website,

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The Main Benefits of Being Financially Independent

Being financially independent means different things to different people. To some, it means retiring and traveling the world, relaxing at home, or doing whatever you love. For others, it means having

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