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How to Analyze a Three Family Rental Property

There are multiple steps to analyzing a rental property, and you need to know 4 essential pieces of information. Get The Calculator Step 1: Apply FiltersThe first thing you do is filter out the stuff

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Review of Acorns

Acorns Review

A friend of mine told me I should try this cool new app called Acorns.I blew her off.It seemed like a waste of time to me, until I randomly read something about it on the web and decided to give it a try....and

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How to use Bonus Space in an Investment Property

A lot of investment properties have something we call Bonus Space.It's space that isn't quite a bedroom, maybe not really living space, but doesn't have any one specific use.So, how do you use this space

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Risk Adjusted Returns Blog Real Estate

Risk Adjusted Returns In Real Estate – Is It Really Worth It?

Have you ever heard someone say “I won’t take less than a 12% return” or something like it? Of course, you have, because it’s pretty standard practice in real estate to do that. If

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Real Estate is not for everyone

Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

Save up some cash, buy some real estate, cash flow for life, right?… Anyone can do it! Quit your job and just do real estate, right? Probably not. Things aren’t always so simple in any business,

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It’s Time To Take a Vacation (if you’re self employed)

I totally get it… every minute you don’t spend on your business is wasted money… …wasted opportunity. Wasted growth. That’s why entrepreneurs tend to work longer, harder,

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