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An investor that reached financial independence at the age of 30, Eric has been seen on Forbes, Trulia, WiseBread, TheStreet, and other financial publications.

Risk Adjusted Returns In Real Estate – Is It Really Worth It?

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Have you ever heard someone say "I won't take less than a 12% return" or something like it? Of course, you have, because it's pretty standard practice in real estate to do that. If you're doing that... You're wrong. That's a pretty strong statement for me to make, but let me explain why... Risk-Adjusted Returns [...]

Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

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Save up some cash, buy some real estate, cash flow for life, right?... Anyone can do it! Quit your job and just do real estate, right? Probably not. Things aren't always so simple in any business, but especially real estate. The simple fact is that almost anyone can be a real estate investor, but not everyone should be [...]

It’s Time To Take a Vacation (if you’re self employed)

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I totally get it... every minute you don't spend on your business is wasted money... ...wasted opportunity. Wasted growth. That's why entrepreneurs tend to work longer, harder, and more passionately. I'm the same way. After I achieved financial independence I become truly free to pursue my passions. and it turned out my passion is working more. [...]

You’re Probably Calculating Vacancy Wrong

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You've rented an apartment out for an entire year and now the tenant is moving out. They leave, and it sits empty for two weeks before another tenant moves in. So, you have roughly 4% vacancy, right? 2 Weeks out of 52 weeks is about 4%.... Wrong... Vacancy rates are one of the most misunderstood parts [...]

The 1% and 2% Rules to Real Estate Rent Demystified

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It could very well take weeks or months to analyze every deal - by the time you get through the list most of the listings have been sold.

That's why there are screening tools like the 2% rule.

RealtyShares Review – Still Any Good in 2018?

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Disclaimer: All of the crowdfunding reviews are based on an unbiased matrix of criteria, each weighted based on what we deem important for a crowdfunding platform. We generated the ratings and then sought out the top platforms to affiliate with. If you click on any links on this page or website and then sign up for their [...]

Ultimate Guide to Squeeze Pages for Real Estate Agents and Investors

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When you first get started in real estate, everyone tells you to build a website. Build a website, and leads will come. ...or so they say. Great, your website is up and running so now you wait. and wait... ...and wait. So, you start to justify it. "Every professional needs a website." Many pros never [...]

LivePlan Review – In Depth Review of LivePlan

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This is a no BS review of LivePlan. I've read some of the others out there and they seem like straight sales-pitches. You'll see what I like and dislike about the service and I'll provide a link in case you decide to check it out.

Using BRRR to Build a Rental Property Empire

By | 2018-02-27T19:52:29+00:00 February 27th, 2018|Categories: Real Estate|

It's impossible to buy a bunch of rental property, right? You just need too much money for down payments to keep buying. Wrong. Buying rental property is a very capital intensive process and it's true that you generally need 20-25% down for your purchases (except your first few which can go FHA or VA). It's [...]