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Eco-Friendly Moving (that saves money!)

You may not live in the greenest city in America, but you have done your part to help the environment. Maybe you've installed smart thermostats, LED lighting, and explained to your tenants how they

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Fundrise Review – I Invested $1,000 in Fundrise and Here’s What Happened

I set up my account and invested an initial $1,000 into Fundrise back in 2016. I did it just to try it out and invest a few bucks, but I loved it so much I decided to review it.   Important NoteIt's

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The Keys to Avoiding Financial Stress

If financial difficulties are keeping you awake at night, take action and tackle your problems head on otherwise they are likely to get worse. The ability to pay for rent, mortgages, bills, and food are

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Financial Facts Every 20-Something Needs to Know

I didn't know much about money when I was in my 20's.I knew how to work, I knew how to buy stuff, and I was smart enough not to run up my credit cards.Other than that, I didn't really know much. The fact

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Blockchain and Real Estate

You may have heard the word Blockchain mentioned once or twice by now. After all, it was not long ago that everyone was talking about BitCoin (whatever happened to that?).It's OK if you're not entirely

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RealtyShares Goes Under – What Now?

I never thought I’d see the day, but one of the crowdfunding behemoths is closing down. Today I received this email from RealtyShares To our platform investors and operating partners: Five years

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How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 90 Days or Less

Have you ever wondered how you can escape the rat race and retire early with real estate?A lot of people dream about it, but few ever take action.We're going to

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4 Tips to Help You Get a Mortgage You Can Actually Afford

So, you’ve finally decided to purchase a home. After years of contemplating if you should buy or rent, then saving, building your credit etc, it’s now time to dive in and get it. Purchasing

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3 Ways to Invest if You’re Over 50

When you are planning to invest over 50, you have to realize that your goals shift as near retirement. Instead of high-risk investments with a high potential for appreciation, you’re instead focused

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EquityMultiple Review

I've loved the idea of crowdfunding ever since it was introduced back in the 2012 JOBs act. In reality though, it combines the internet with something that has already existed for a hundred years - real

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