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How to Analyze a Three Family Rental Property

There are multiple steps to analyzing a rental property, and you need to know 4 essential pieces of information. Get The Calculator Step 1: Apply FiltersThe first thing you do is filter out the stuff

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8 Tips To Stage A Home For A Quick Sale

You've decided to sell a property. It could be your home, a rental, or a house flip.So, you contact your real estate agent, snap a few pics, write a catchy description, and done.Some people come look,

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Review of Acorns

Acorns Review

A friend of mine told me I should try this cool new app called Acorns.I blew her off.It seemed like a waste of time to me, until I randomly read something about it on the web and decided to give it a try....and

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How to use Bonus Space in an Investment Property

A lot of investment properties have something we call Bonus Space.It's space that isn't quite a bedroom, maybe not really living space, but doesn't have any one specific use.So, how do you use this space

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Improving Debt to Income Ratio To Buy Real Estate

I’ve saved a ton of money, so I’ll invest it in some real estate. Famous last words. Cash in the bank is important for a down payment, but qualifying for a loan is based almost entirely on

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Work Life Balance

How Real Estate Helps (and hurts!) Your Work/Life Balance

Have you ever planned to do something with friends or family, and it just seems to never happen? It seems that no matter hard we try, we always end up with less free time and more workload than we plan. Imagine

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