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Achieve Financial Independence – create wealth and passive income by investing in rental property.

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Why rental property is the IDEAL investment:


Continuous passive income

Passive Income

Rental property pays you a steady stream of passive income each period. Unlike other investments such as stocks, you collect payments without having to sell off the investment.


Save money on taxes

Depreciation reduces your tax burden

You can deduct depreciation from your passive income and often the depreciation outweighs the passive income, meaning you save more on your taxes.


Pay down your debt each month

Equity Paydown

Every month your tenants pay down the mortgage on the property. In essence, they are putting money away into a bank account that you can claim when you sell in the future.


Capture Appreciation


The value of rental property is tied to it’s income. So, as long as rents continue to increase, then the value of the asset will continue to go up.


Leverage your equity

Low Cost Leverage

Real estate is the only asset where there is a strong market for debt that allows you to leverage your investment at a very low cost. This allows you to capture 4-5 times the profit.

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