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A Program to Help You Create Passive Income so You Can Quit Your Job

Eliminate Confusion · Focus Your Plan · Scale Your Growth 

How Do You Know You're Investing in Real Estate Correctly?

  • Is there confidence when making an offer?
  • You can't seem to find a Good deal?
  • You aren't sure which strategy is the best?
  • Are you struggling to get new leads?
  • Not sure if you have enough money?
  • Did your last deal flop?

Each Property Will Either Get You Closer to or Further from Financial Freedom

I just gave my notice. After I close this deal I can quit my job!

- Darina

Quit her job in 2 years.

Laser Focused Plan

Create a clear and compelling plan that will keep you focused and motivated day-in and day-out

Learn a Strategy That Works

Cut through the clutter and noise on the internet and start with a proven strategy that works.

Become a Real Estate Master

You'll know the numbers backwards and forwards to give clarity when making offers

What People Are Saying

Eric… you saved me from continuing into a bad real estate transaction, at the same time you refocused my efforts on exactly the niche that is perfect for me. I now know exactly what I need to do to create more passive income and leverage through my real estate investing. Thanks a million!

Marc Dube

Founder - Active Blogs

So far it's been good for us! This is the first time we've ever bought any kind of information. We've always just learned as we went. For us it's a lot of value. It's a lot of things we didn't know... We had a list of questions written down before the call with you but then we watched the videos and then we got answers to every single question.

Jason and Kelly

House Flippers

We've always had the dream of reaching financial independence but often found ourselves frustrated at the speed of our investing growth. We felt like we were capable of more but for some reason were not able to make it happen. It's been 3 months since we met Eric and we can honestly say that he changed our life. 


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What's My Investment?

How much is lack of action costing you? How many potential deals are you missing out on? How long do you want to slave away in corporate America? How much is lack of clarity and focus truly costing you?

What's Inside the Course?

  • 27 paradigm shift packed videos
  • Over 60 downloadable forms and worksheets
  • Engage with an exclusive group of leaders
  • Exclusive access to monthly calls with Eric

*A Single Paradigm Shift From This Course Could Get You Massive Returns

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Online Program

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What Makes The Ideal Real Estate System So Different?

When it comes to real estate, many people get overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the internet. The Ideal Real Estate Investing System gives working professionals a step-by-step guide to creating passive income so they can escape the obscurity of corporate america and move toward a financially free life where they have control of their financial future.

We know it's hard to decipher all of the information out there from hundreds of different websites, professionals, gurus, etc. So, we have focused the entire system of giving you the exact information you need along with a framework that actually works. Nothing more, and nothing less.

The Online Course is taught by Eric Bowlin, creator of and the Ideal Real Estate Framework. Eric has created millions of dollars in wealth through real estate and a passive income that allowed him to leave the workforce entirely at the age of 30.

Eric isn't a professor in an ivory tower - he is someone who started where you are and has actually done it.

When you buy the Online Course, you will:

  • 1
    Learn a proven investment formula that has been used over and over on projects both big and small. You will completely understand how it works and why it's the most powerful strategy available.
  • 2
    See how this formula has been used in the real world by top investors in all kinds of markets.
  • 3
    Apply this framework to your own situation so you have a personalized plan with laser focused direction. Our system will help you adjust the strategy to fit your unique strengths and weaknesses.

The information is clear and concise. It cuts straight through the clutter that causes "analysis paralysis."

With this course, you'll know the numbers, have confidence in your offers, and take major steps toward being able to leave your job because of passive income.

As a Bonus, You'll Also Get:

Pre-Search Prep Academy

If you're not quite ready to buy houses, the pre-search prep academy will give you an actionable plan to save, reduce debts, and get your financial house in order so you can start buying property asap.

Tax Deduction Masterclass

One of the greatest benefits of real estate is it's ability to reduce your tax burden. Learn the secrets real estate investors have been using to pay only 1 or 2% taxes.

But, What If I Don't See Results From The Program?

I get it. I understand that the training is not for everyone which is why I offer a rock-solid money back guarantee.

There are no caveats, maybes, arguments, save-the-sale calls, upsells, and downsells.

You request a refund, we provide it immediately.