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Hi, I'm Eric

I started investing in 2009 with the purchase of my first triplex and was able to achieve financial independence a few years later at the age of 30. I now have over 480 units as well as a diversified portfolio of other assets, web assets, and more. 

I started IdealREI a few years ago because I want to help people just like you escape the corporate rat race. My goal is to eliminate confusion in this complicated field, help you create a game plan, and then scale up until you have replaced your JOB with passive income.

You may have seen me Forbes, Trulia, WiseBread, TheStreet, other financial publications, as well as various podcasts or other websites.

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Why Real Estate?

Real estate is the asset class with the most benefits, highest returns, and lowest overall risk. There are 5 primary ways real estate is better than other asset classes such as stocks or bonds.

Income Producing Asset

While stocks have dividends and bonds give a yield, only real estate gives a recurring revenue that is disproportionately high as compared to the asset value and risk level.

Deferred Taxes

Real Estate is universally known as a tax shelter. A lot of that is because of depreciation which is a paper loss you get to take even if the property is appreciating. There are a lot of other tax benefits as well.

Equity Pay Down

Each month you are earning money as the tenants pay down your mortgage for you. This is additional profit.

Appreciating Asset

Even though you are claiming losses with the IRS because of depreciation, your asset is most likely appreciating. So you'll be capturing all of the upside while deferring taxes.


You can leverage investments in other areas, but usually it is very risky and for a very high interest rate. Real estate has the most developed and stable lending markets in the world.